How Not To Be a ‘Brand Champion’ for Your Brand


In addition to spending an excess US$1 billion to stem the  flow of the oil spill, losing 35% of its stock value, and facing negative front page news on a daily basis, BP has also had to deal with a CEO who is turning out to be a disaster as a Brand Champion.

Amongst  Tony Hayward’s more famous gaffes:

  • The spill is not going to cause big problems because the gulf “is a very big ocean” and “the environmental impact of this disaster is likely to have been very, very modest.”
  • And this week, he has had to apologize to the families of 11 men who died on the rig for having said, “You know, I’d like my life back.”

BP should think twice before putting Tony out for more interviews if he lasts that long. Tony also needs a better haircut.

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